Tannour Consultants was founded in 2016 to be the first consulting firm to focus on gender Justice driven content in the Middle East. We set up Tannour Consultants in response to the overwhelming yet unrecognized need for perceptual and behavioural change regarding gender in Egypt. We see a change-maker in all kinds of organizations whether a multinational corporation, local business, NGO or multilateral organization. Everyone has a role in achieving gender equality. We are committed to work with clients who want to:

  1. Engage with the local context while promoting their goods and services.

  2. Promote the concepts of gender, gender equality and gender-based violence among staff, customers and beneficiaries.

  3. Improve the working environment for women through capacity building, trainings and workshops, policy-making and awareness-raising.

  4. Establish gender egalitarian working conditions.

  5. Create gender sensitive communication tools, materials, training manuals and scripts.

  6. Design and implement gender-based qualitative and quantitative research.




Email: info@tannourconsultants.com

Cell: +201011677233