Our Services

Tannour Consultants was founded in 2016 to be the first consulting firm to focus on gender in the Middle East. We set up Tannour Consultants in response to the overwhelming yet unrecognized need for perceptual and behavioral change regarding gender in Egypt. We see a change-maker in all kinds of organizations whether a multinational corporation, local business, NGO or multilateral organization. Everyone has a role in achieving gender equality. We are committed to work with clients who want to

Our research team works on baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation, and investigative research for reports and publications. We work on gender issues crosscutting with education, health, peace, ICT, violence, human rights, law, employment and economic empowerment. Our research feeds our policy, which is always evidence-based and culturally sensitive. We have extensive experience developing policies on women's rights, gender-based violence and gender equality in the public and private sectors.

Our training team designs and implements workshops and trainings in capacity building, gender and gender-based violence, male engagement, and creative messaging and campaigning. Our workshops are based on innovative tools and participatory approaches, and are tailored based on the needs of clients.

Our campaigns are based on a profound understanding of the local context. We design messages aiming to achieve long term perceptual and behavioral change. Campaigns can either directly address a social issue such as our latest campaign "Makanak Fein"' or they can incorporate gender messages in the promotion of corporate products, whether are exclusively target women or the general population. We work with our clients to achieve their missions and goals, and at the same time, engage with the public to shift perceptions and behaviors to honor gender justice.

Email: info@tannourconsultants.com 

Cell: +201011677233