Call for Designers / Artists

Post date: Oct 20, 2015 1:39:28 AM

Tannour Consultants seeks a qualified designer/artists to prepare a series of designs and adapt them as need arises for My Right campaign.

My Right program is jointly implemented by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the civil society organization ACT and the British Council. Its purpose is to “pilot” a new and innovative approach to addressing Violence Against Women (VAW) focusing initially on four Cities (Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta and Aswan).

My Right is based on the principle that in order for women to make informed decisions in the best interests of their own health, social welfare and safety, women facing violence must have access to support and information about the options that are available to them and the possible risks involved. In addition to psycho-social counselling and support, My Right program offers independent legal advice, accompaniment, and representation to those who decide to prosecute or take legal action (e.g. make an application for a restraining order) against the alleged perpetrators to protect their rights.

My Right program has established four offices on court premises in the abovementioned governorates through which these services will be provided to victims of all kinds of violence against women including sexual harassment, sexual offences and domestic violence. The four offices piloted in March 2015 and have been operating on a low profile since then.

Tannour Consultants together with the British Council and the MOJ are launching a campaign in December 2015 with the aim of raising awareness on domestic violence, as well as publicizing the services that the offices provide.

Objectives of the campaign

· Increase public awareness on gender power dynamic that lies beneath all forms of violence against women in a simple and attractive approach.

· Inform the public on the different kinds of violence against women.

· Establish violence against women as a social problem – not one related to women.

· Reach the maximum amount of people (both men and women) in the four governorates and direct them to the offices when they face violence.

· Increase the number of people visiting the support offices and using these services.

To reach these objective, Tannour Consultants will coordinate the campaign on different media outlets including TV, radio, online and offline. The awareness part of the campaign will go nationwide on TV, radio and online. Offline and some online activities will be directed mainly to the four targeted cities.

For these purposes, we are looking for a designer/team of designers , Artistes  to prepare the following:

If you have the potential and you are creative enough apply now,  Interested candidates should send their portfolio and budget to : max by 25 October 2015, candidates can apply for some of the tasks Mentioned above.

Good luck :)